Thursday, 28 February 2013

Week 6 - Searching for equipments

For starter of week 6, I have make sure that the proposal been done correctly and edited it a few time to surely make it up to be requirement and everyone can know that is my project is. After that, I've searched for the RFID reader type which eventually I will use is RS 232 in my project. The RFID reader cost me RM150.00 which I buy at Jalan Pasar (Nixie Electronics). I also have tested it (RFID reader) before I buy it.The progress on this project went smoothly as I already know the objectives of this project. Therefore, I am aware of its goal and I can make progress based on the objectives. Below is the Gantt Chart throughout my progress planning on this project and also some pictures of component of my project.

                           A RFID Reader model RS232.

                 A RFID Tags (3 pieces)

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