Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Week 14 - Demonstration. Approved. Ready.

This week is the crucial week whereby on Friday (20/12/13) will be our campus Industrial Day where I will presenting my Final Year Project to my appointed assessor. But before that important day, I have to demonstrate my complete project to my advisor Madam Nulida. In addition, I am seeking advise and improvement needed for my real presentation on Friday. Throughout the presentation, Madam Nulida seems to satisfied with my new program that been re-done/edited weeks before that. I also presented my designed poster for approval before I went to print the poster. A few alteration are needed in order to produce a good poster that according to Madam Nulida's preference. After a few FYP poster correction from my advisor:

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Week 13 - Poster battle begin~

Nearing presentation week which is week 14, I have to be ready for the presentation day. There are two important things to be done before I step into the hall to present my Final Year Project.

1- Poster design.

2- Project evaluation by advisor.

Designing  a poster is not a very easy work to be done by a day. From time to time, I have to edit the layout and its design to get a nice and neat poster whereby other people will understand my project by looking at it. I hope for a no further explanation will be needed, only a demo to my project is necessary. The design need to be approve by my advisor before I printed it out.

Poster which is waiting for approval from my advisor :

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week 12 - Complete!

After a long period of time passed by, I finally managed to complete my final year project (FYP) by week twelve. With the guidance of my lecturer, this resulting in complete configuration of software and hardware that has been customized-matched with a program that was designed before. A little touch-up is applied to the design of my project for it to look more attractive and neat. With this in some way helps the understanding of other people on my project.

The new look of the hardware after being touch up :

Figure 1 : After Labeling circuit, equipment and student card.

Student ID card :