Thursday, 28 November 2013

Week 11 - Done of Interfacing The Software and Hardware

By this week, I've completed interface the software with the hardware. Furthermore, the RFID SAMS is totally complete and came out with a new face of the program. Now the RFID SAMS can scan student ID and records the name of student, time in, time out and dates. all of the data will be recorded and save in the database, so in the future we will be able to look and manage the student's attendance record using a Visual Basic 6.0 software. In this week, I will show you the picture of RFID SAMS take data record of students base on the real time. 

Figure 1 : The main outlook of RFID SAMS

In the figure 1, the time, date and day is based on the real time. All the student name and ID number will display in the RFID SAMS software, and all these data must be register manually. It is the "register" button use. In this software also automatically count the attendance of the student. If the student is absent their class 3 times, the software will notice that the student will get "notice letter", and if 4 times they will be "barred".

Figure 2 : Scanner

Figure 3: Student Profile

In the figure 2 and 3, when student scan their ID, the scanner will display the student profile. In the profile we can see that the student ID number, name of student and the course. (this is for lecturer reference)

Figure 4: Display time in and time out

Figure 5 : Counting attendance record (display student warning letter and bar)

The figure 4 shows that RFID SAMS collects data from scanner and it will display date, time in and time out. At the last figure 5, the software/program will automatically counting the student data and will display the name of student that should be give a warning letter and bared.

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