Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week 7 - Ready --> Set --> Finished!

There is no doubt that once I complete the program, this project is 100% finished and ready to be presented. I calculated the completion of this project very neatly. Without wasting even a seconds of my time, I put enormous effort in completing this project aside my other subjects. The hardware part is in line with the software part and it works according to what I want to achieve by this project.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Week 6 - Programming complete!

Throughout this entire week, I tried to complete the program which is the most crucial part of this project. The completed program will determine the effectiveness and success of this project. Although there are many difficulties encountered during the completion of this program, yet I managed to handle it patiently and successfully. After making several references and corrections, the program which caters to what I wanted was achieved. I then tried to ensure that the program together with the hardware is working perfectly

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week 5 - Compile Programming

As for the Development of RFID Student's Attendance Management System, this project will depends on program that I compile. By using Visual Basic software, I construct the program and there were a lot of mistakes also more things to learn to do the program.  To complete and perfecting the program, I do a lot of research and seek help from my friend to check whether the program is correct or not. With all of the commitment as an ordinary student, the program cannot be finish and it will be continue to the next week. This part is the challenging part of the project and it is like the heart of the project. If the program is not function perfectly, so there is a failure of this project. So I have to work hard on this task.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Week 4 - Build a hardware (Casing)

For the whole week 4, I tried to build hardware part of this project which is the casing for the RFID reader. It took a while for me to complete the whole design. I would like to build a casing which is by using a prospect (polypropylene plastic) and it is transparent. I choose these materials because it is durable. Transparent casing has been chosen because it makes my work looks more clean, compact and professional.
This is the picture of the project casing: