Friday, 19 April 2013

Week 13 - Finalize a proposal and blog

Week 13 have come with a relief and joy because I have already completed my proposal and also my blog ( In this week I would like to thanks Madam Nulida Bt Ab. Aziz for giving me some advise, guidance, corrected and helping me to finish my presentation slide, proposal and blog. Besides that, I have prepared my self to proceed my Final Year Project 1 (FYP 1) to the next semester which is Final Year Project 2 (FYP 2). For this semester, I already done my FYP progress about 30% (build a software). So, I continue my progress with doing some survey for the circuit and component. I hope there will help out for my next semester progress.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Week 12 - Checking a proposal

By this week, I have met my advisor Madam Nulida Bt Abdul Aziz, she shows me that the new marking scheme of proposal have being updated at UniKL BMI FYP page ( So that, there were a few topic that I not done yet in the previous proposal that I send to my advisor last week. The topic like Abstract and Budgeting. So this whole week I just only touch-up my proposal. For the next week I plan to meet again my advisor to check my proposal. I spend a lot of time for the proposal because the proposal percentage assessment is quite high, 35%.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Week 11 - Continue with making a proposal

By week 14, all students FYP 1 must submit their complete proposal. So that, this week I continue my proposal, I have completed my proposal by using a guideline from FYP Website. The guideline is about the marking scheme and assignment criteria, with that I have completed my draft proposal this week. Then, I submitted to my advisor Madam Nulida Bt Ab. Aziz to check my draft proposal whether my proposal is good enough or I will fix it. I will meet my advisor again next week to check my proposal.