Thursday, 28 February 2013

Week 6 - Searching for equipments

For starter of week 6, I have make sure that the proposal been done correctly and edited it a few time to surely make it up to be requirement and everyone can know that is my project is. After that, I've searched for the RFID reader type which eventually I will use is RS 232 in my project. The RFID reader cost me RM150.00 which I buy at Jalan Pasar (Nixie Electronics). I also have tested it (RFID reader) before I buy it.The progress on this project went smoothly as I already know the objectives of this project. Therefore, I am aware of its goal and I can make progress based on the objectives. Below is the Gantt Chart throughout my progress planning on this project and also some pictures of component of my project.

                           A RFID Reader model RS232.

                 A RFID Tags (3 pieces)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Week 5 - Creating the blog

This blog is created to update the progress that I have done every week. Madam Nulida and also students of UniKL BMI may review this blog to get further information on FYP 1 - Development of RFID Students Attendance Management System.

Week 4 - Draft of proposal

With the help of information gained from websites last week, I am making progress on the proposal. The proposal is only the drafted one. Madam Nulida will review it first and any correction on it will be inform to me by Madam Nulida. 

Week 3 - Digging more info

The new project tittle makes me have to dig more on the info regarding how the RFID works and how the process in the making of the project. All sort of information such as  what kind of RFID that is suitable for this project have to be find in the internet. Here are some of the web that I access to get the info :
- 1-Attendance.pdf

Monday, 11 February 2013

Week 2 - Hunting for project's advisor

Its been a busy week! Go here and there, hunting for my project' s advisor that want to take me as his/her principle. With the projects tittle that i have in my hand, Madam Nulida asked me whether i can change the core idea of "RFID mailbox" into an idea that have the potential to make through the market and eventually can be accepted by the people. Madam Nulida suggested me project tittle of  "Development  of RFID Students Attendance Management System" to make it as my FYP and i agree to it. At last! Therefore, I change the project from "RFID mailbox"  to  "Development  of RFID Students Attendance Management System". The core idea is to make an automatic attendance system whereby the student need to tap the identity card on the machine before entering the class and also after the class. The students attendance then will be updated in the system automatically without the lecturer have to update the attendance manually as in the old system. With this upgraded system, the lecturer will then know if the students attendance up to the expectation or not. Therefore, this system can solve the existing problem where the students cannot cheat on their attendance and also the problem of status 'barred' students.

Week 1 - Search for Project Tittle

The new semester has begun. As a semester seven's student, I have to take Final Year Project 1 (FYP 1) as one of the subject on this semester. For the first week, I have come across a few project tittle that I think is suitable for me and in conjunction with that, I have to find my project advisor that can accept the project tittle. It is kind of hard for me to be really agree with the tittle since my future project advisor ( a few )want me to came out with a project tittle that can be made as an idea. Therefore, the searching of the tittle continue until the very next week. Here are some of the project tittle that I have come across with : 
- Tracking Solar System
- Automatic Etching Machine
- RFID Mailbox 
and lastly RFID Students Attendance System